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Offering ceramic and brick industry fans to meet your exact specifications.


The ceramic and brick industry is a vital sector that produces various construction materials used in building houses, commercial buildings, and infrastructure projects. The manufacturing process in this industry involves the use of high-temperature kilns, which can generate significant amounts of heat and require a reliable and efficient ventilation system. Industrial fans play a critical role in this process, ensuring that the kilns maintain proper temperature control and that the exhaust air is filtered to remove pollutants. In this article, we will discuss the importance of industrial fans in the ceramic and brick industry and their various applications.

Kiln Ventilation:
Kilns used in the ceramic and brick industry operate at high temperatures and require reliable ventilation to maintain temperature control and remove pollutants. Industrial fans play a vital role in this process by providing the necessary airflow to the kiln chamber. The fan circulates the air, ensuring that the temperature is consistent throughout the kiln, which is essential for producing high-quality ceramic and brick products.

The ventilation system must also ensure that the air inside the kiln is clean and free of pollutants that could contaminate the final product. Industrial fans play a critical role in this process by circulating the air through the filtration system, which removes the contaminants.

Drying Applications:
The ceramic and brick industry also requires drying processes to remove moisture from the materials. This process is crucial to ensure that the materials are strong and durable. Industrial fans are used to circulate the air in the drying chamber, ensuring that the moisture is removed efficiently.

The drying process is often energy-intensive, and industrial fans are critical to ensure that the process is efficient. By providing proper ventilation, the fan ensures that the materials dry evenly and quickly, reducing the overall drying time and energy costs.

Filtering Applications:
The manufacturing process in the ceramic and brick industry can generate significant amounts of pollutants that must be filtered out before being released into the environment. Industrial fans are used in conjunction with filtration systems to remove these pollutants.

The filtration system typically includes a baghouse or electrostatic precipitator that captures the pollutants from the exhaust air. The captured pollutants are then disposed of properly, ensuring that they do not harm the environment. The industrial fan helps to circulate the air through the filtration system, ensuring that the pollutants are captured efficiently.

Importance of Choosing the Right Industrial Fan for the Ceramic and Brick Industry:
Choosing the right industrial fan for the ceramic and brick industry is critical to ensure that the manufacturing process is efficient and sustainable. Several factors must be considered when selecting an industrial fan, including the size of the kiln or drying chamber, the required airflow rate, and the environmental conditions.

For example, if the kiln or drying chamber is larger, a more powerful industrial fan will be required to circulate the necessary air. Similarly, if the environment is particularly humid or hot, a fan with a higher CFM (cubic feet per minute) rating may be necessary to ensure adequate airflow. It is essential to select an industrial fan that is appropriate for the specific application to ensure that the manufacturing process is efficient and that the resulting pollutants are filtered out effectively.

Industrial fans are essential tools in the ceramic and brick industry. They play a critical role in maintaining proper temperature control in the kilns, ensuring efficient drying of materials, and filtering out pollutants from the exhaust air. When selecting an industrial fan for the ceramic and brick industry, it is crucial to consider the specific application and environmental conditions. By choosing the right industrial fan, manufacturers can ensure that their operations run efficiently and sustainably, producing high-quality ceramic and brick products for construction projects.

One of the applications where the Ferrari ceramic and brick industry fans are largely used in brick production. In the process of brick production, the Ferrari industrial high temperature fans are mainly used in the drying kiln, in the furnace and in the combustion systems. Belt driven Ferrari industrial axial fans and belt driven centrifugal fans are commonly used in drying kilns and furnaces. High-pressure direct driven Ferrari industrial centrifugal fans are used to perform air injection in the combustion stage of combustion systems.

Recommended fan series are FR, DFR, DFM, FA, FC, FE, FG, FI

Case study


Industry: Brick and Ceramic industry

Country: China

Fan type: High pressure Ferrari industrial fan

Fan quantity: max 22 kW

Description: Ferrari industrial high pressure fans applied at ceramic factories to pressurise the drying system and remove moisture from the dryer system.

Ferrari Asia Ventilation

Offering ceramic and brick industry fans to meet your exact specifications.


iln is one of the typical applications that used in the ceramic and brick industry fans. Continuous kiln is a typical tunnel kiln with both ends open and designed to generate heat at the central portion. Bricks and other building materials pass through the tunnel kiln continuously. Kiln is turned on uninterruptedly to proceed several batches of bricks.


ryer application is commonly utilised in many fields of industries. It is typically used in building materials or, more generally, clay or shale based on construction materials.

Clay drying is the most essential part of producing brick. This phase defines the shape, size, and quality of the clay. With proper settings of the dryer system, air flow and drying speed, it assures the ability to dry the clay without forming cracks on the surface. Most common dryer methods used are rapid dryers, continuous dryers and static dryers. For this process, Ferrari industrial high temperature construction fans direct air on the manufactured products to obtain uniformity of the drying process.


errari industrial exhaust fans are connected to the dryer system to remove the excess of humidity in the dryer system. Medium air volume high pressure Ferrari industrial exhaust fan are usually preferred in this application


errari industrial fans applied in the cooling zone after the heated brick batch reached the cooling bed. High volume low pressure Ferrari industrial fans draw air from the environment and cool down the bricks before the packaging process.


errari industrial high temperature fans installed connected to the kiln and drying system to recirculate the hot air back into the system. Modern high efficient systems save energy by recycling or recirculating the heated air and reduce waste of overall heat energy.

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