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Offering marine ventilation fans for ship industry to meet your exact specifications.


Our Ferrari marine ventilation fans are used in all technical areas of the ship; from marine engine room fans, marine axial fan, batteries and compressors cooling , to the air treatment in the rooms, up to osmosis plants. There is a supply fan and an exhaust fan in each application. A project such as cruise ship, needs a supply of more than 50 fans each ship that involve small size centrifugal fans to 1800 diameters of marine axial fans.

Recommended fan series are ART, FQ in SS316 material

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Industry: Ship Industry

Country: China

Fan Type: Stainless steel high pressure Ferrari industrial fan

Fan Quantity: 50 Units, max 11 kW

Description: High pressure stainless steel industrial fans are requested for the ventilation and air conditioning purpose in all technical areas of the ship; from engine room, batteries and compressors cooling,  to the air treatment in the rooms, up to osmosis plants.

Ferrari Asia Ventilation

Offering marine ventilation fans for ship industry to meet your exact specifications.


ost modern cruise ships have air conditioning which is typically equipped within all public spaces, technical rooms, and in the cabin rooms. The temperature on a ship is ordinarily held at a relatively stable temperature regardless of wherever the cruise is.

The air conditioning systems sometimes will be installed in one area such as over the bathroom in order to blow cold air into the cabin rooms.


ndoor Air Quality (IAQ) is the main function to control and prevent the airborne diseases on cruise ships as they are a common problem to cause health and humidity issues. The IAQ is able to filter the transmission and spread of particles, harmful gases, bacteria and viruses through heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) infrastructure.

According to United States Public Health (USPH), all air handling units are required to be designed and installed to be accessible for periodic inspections and air intake filter changing as well as to be equipped with access panels.


o run a cruise business today, it is very challenging to apply for the new environmental regulations to cruise ships. It is mandatory that the effluent from a cruise ship must be clean and safe for managing wastewater treatment. As the combustion which is  a chemical process takes place at the bottom of the incinerator, the air supply is above the burning waste. It results in reduction of airborne ash.

The wet de-ashing system removes airborne ash in the dry waste compartments, leading to a cleaner and healthier working environment for personnel. In addition, it is facile  to handle ash bags and to reduce maintenance on other installed equipment nearby.

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