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Project Overview

The owner of a Taiwan fertiliser company is a leading manufacturer of agricultural chemical technology products. In order to expand agricultural production volume, the owner established a subsidiary in the seaport are and setup  a new factory there.

The overall design of the new factory is largely based on the original factory design in headquarters. However, the owner utilises improved production technology to increase the production capacity and therefore requires the use of fans with pressure, high efficiency and reliable performance. With many years of experience in supplying high pressure high efficiency industrial fans, Ferrari industrial fans are chosen to meet the owner’s specification requirements


The working environment of the fan in this project is very dusty and corrosive. The fans are used in the nitro phosphate fertiliser process. The owner proposes to use the fans for the following processes:

  1. Dryer Heat Removal
  2. Process Dust Removal
  3. Heat recovery
  4. Ultra-High Pressure Pipeline Cyclone


Based on the exhaust fan specification requirements, our technical team has put forward many technical proposals, which include proposing to use the largest impeller diameter of 2000mm in stainless steel material. The owner finally learned that the Ferrari technical team is the most professional and reliable among the local and oversea fan manufacturers, to provide a total solution to match the project requirements, which is able to meet the stringent requirements of high dust, high temperature, ultra-high static pressure with low energy consumption requirement.



The owner has conducted running tests on all Ferrari industrial fans for more than two years and all the fans meeting the requirement of manufacturing process. Exactly one year after the fans were in operation, the owner placed another order to us for additional fan and spare parts for this project.

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