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India Steel 2023

Indian Steel Exhibition 2023

Kruger India, a leading provider of ventilation and air management solutions, has made a significant impact in the Indian steel industry by introducing Ferrari fans at the India Steel 2023 exhibition. The event, held in Mumbai, showcased the latest advancements in the steel industry and attracted numerous steel manufacturers and stakeholders from around the world. Kruger India’s partnership with Ferrari Asia Ventilation has brought a range of innovative and high-quality ventilation solutions to the Indian steel market. The introduction of Ferrari fans at the India Steel 2023 exhibition is expected to pave the way for improved efficiency, productivity, and sustainability in the Indian steel industry. Kruger India’s commitment to delivering top-notch ventilation solutions and their collaboration with Ferrari Asia Ventilation has been widely appreciated by industry experts and steel manufacturers alike.

Highly appreciate Kruger India team’s effort to introduce Ferrari fans to Indian Steel market.

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